A fundamental element for our room is the bed, in it we repair our body and mind during the night, it is also a unique and personal space where we relax, that is why the moment to choose our bed we should try to make it the size we need, we must also select a suitable mattress that makes us feel comfortable and we do not suffer from back pains later on.

Currently, the market offers us so many models that sometimes we do not understand very well what is the difference between one model and another, and in many occasions, we end up buying a bed or a mattress that does not satisfy us. That is why we leave you a guide so you can deduce what the ideal foundation for you is.

What is the type of Bed ideal for me?

The beds do not have large highlighting elements in which to decide; we can usually make the decision based on the model of it. But the crucial factor when buying a bed is its size since it depends on the space you have in your room and the use you are going to give them because it is useless to pay a lot of money something that you will not use.

First of all, there are single or twin beds, these beds are versatile and can be used by children, young people and single adults, they are also beneficial for small rooms and rooms for guests. They usually measure 1 meter wide and 1.90 long, so they fit into small spaces easily.

Standard Queen Bed

If you have a room a little bigger and want a little more space, double beds are more comfortable than single beds because they are 40 cm wide, they are not recommended for permanent sleeping as a couple, you can sleep with somehow many days and feel comfortable but if what you are seequeen for is a marriage this is not your option.

If you are searching for a bed to sleep in a couple the  bed base for queen beds are the ideal option for you, this type measures a little over 1.50 meters wide, an optimal space for two people to sleep comfortably and as they are not too big, they are perfect for any kind of space including small bedrooms . If your room is more significant, you can opt for a Queen Olympic bed, which are much more full and provide enough comfort for two adults.

Finally, Queen beds are the most substantial and most spacious in the market, of course, they are ideal for spacious rooms, ideal for sleeping as a couple and decorating the room in a modern and luxurious style. This type is divided into two models Queen Bed Standard and Queen Bed California, and the first is characterized by giving space to the couple as if sleeping in two-second singles and the queen California model has 10 cm more than the standard.

Clear your doubts; there are many advantages when buying articulated beds online.

It is safe to buy articulated beds online, in fact, this option is very important since in many towns there are no stores that sell this product. In this way, a quality online store is the best guarantee of security that offers the advantage of eliminating travel. Therefore, what the client should value mainly is the professionalism of the team that works in the store.

Therefore, an online business must offer, just like any physical store, personalized attention to the customer through close communication. It is necessary to choose a store that shows the physical address of the business visibly.

Another essential aspect that proves the excellence of an online orthopedic store is that it has quality seals, which support the safety of the project as part of electronic commerce. For example, the our Online seal guarantees the work of those companies that offer maximum security to customers, thanks to transparency in the purchase process.

In addition to this, another of the advantages that the customer must value is choosing an online store that offers free assembly of the product to delegate to an expert team the construction of the articulated bed, which thanks to its training and experience, ensures proper functioning of the product.

For this, it is possible to seek opinions from other users in specialized forums. The first fundamental requirement is to select a store specialized in orthopedics. Also, even if the store is online, you must visibly provide contact information, for example, telephone number and email so that customers who wish to can contact us to resolve any questions.

Sometimes, the fault may occur as a result of some error in the placement of parts by a customer without technical training. But also, that the expert team who is responsible for this task is also a benefit for the buyer, who can not worry about this routine. They must also give the option to return the product in case it does not satisfy us, and this must be indicated in the conditions of purchase of the online store.