How to clean wooden furniture at home

Wooden furniture never goes out of style. It always looks good no matter what style you have in your house. Not only is it very attractive but it also has a long staying power. A well made wooden furniture has timeless beauty, especially if it has great structure. However, it can sometimes be frustrating, especially if the furniture is showing signs of grit and grime that can’t be removed just by simply dusting them. 

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your wooden furniture, the process is actually easier than you think. You can hire professional cleaners like house cleaning melbourne to do the work for you to ensure more efficient cleaning.

It is necessary to clean your wooden furniture if you wanted them to last for a long time. Whether you have a modern design, traditional or classic wooden furniture, you have to clean them the right way.

Find out below the tips and guides on how to properly take care of your wooden furniture, not only to make them stay for long periods of time but also to make them look brand new.

Frequent dusting

In order to keep your wooden furniture at its top shape, frequent dusting is a must. Dust when not removed, can scratch the surface of your furniture due to airborne particles that were built up. Dust mostly stays in the fabric, so make sure you vacuum your carpets and your upholstery. Not only does dust ruin your furniture, but it can also trigger allergies, especially if you or a member of your family has asthma. 

When dusting the furniture, make sure you don’t spread the dust into the surface or scatter it around the air. Blowing or shaking the surface will scatter the dust into the air, and the duct will eventually land back into your furniture. So instead of using a feather duster, use a lightly damped soft cloth or a microfiber cloth and wipe down the dust on the furniture. Then followed by a soft and dry clean cloth to remove extra moisture.

Do not use cleaning sprays

Unless your wooden furniture has a plastic coating, do not ever use a cleaning spray that you often use to clean your kitchen surface. Also, do not use too much water on cleaning your wooden furniture. If there are sticky spots or hard stains that can’t be removed easily by wiping, then use a mild soap that is dissolved in water. Lightly damp the cloth with the soap and water mixture then wipe the area: immediate rinse and dry the area with a soft and dry cloth. 

Using oil finishes and cleaners can actually protect your wooden furniture, but that’ll make the surface slippery. Also, too much oil can show fingerprints on your furniture that is not nice to look at. 

Repair scratches

Your wooden furniture will get scratched over time. That is inevitable, especially if you have children at home. If there is a light scratch on the surface of your furniture, apply paste wax. But if the scratches are deeper, then treat it by using wood fillers. Wood fillers are available in most hardware or home improvement stores. I come in different colours so choose the colour that is closely similar to your wooden piece. Do not apply in one thick layer; instead, apply the filler in several thin layers. 


In order to keep your wooden furniture looking at its best and staying long, you need to conduct deep cleaning on them, aside from the regular dusting and whipping, you also need to polish them to revitalise them. You know that your furniture requires polishing when it is beginning to become cloudy or is showing discolouration. Polishing is also needed when there are tarnishes over the surface. Aside from the polishing product available on the market, you can make your own polishing solution by simply mixing 1 part of olive oil and ¼ part of vinegar. The vinegar will act as the cleaner while the oil nourishes the wood. Put the solution in a spray. Do not directly spray your homemade solution into the wooden furniture. Instead, spray it on a piece of soft cloth then start wiping the furniture. If the wood still looks dry, wait for a few minutes, then do the process one more time. Right away, you will see the furniture polished and clean.